Hillwood West

Hillwood West

Providing Capital to the West Coast


Seeing an opportunity for expansion in the Western United States, Ross Perot Jr. opened Hillwood West in 1992 with an eye for compelling real estate investments. Based in Southern California, Hillwood West has since established itself as a division of Hillwood focused on the Western United States. Hillwood West seeks to partner with seasoned developers, builders, and landowners. With decades of experience, it has a strong track-record of helping partners deliver first class projects and superior results.

Map of Hillwood West developments


Home in Mountain Shadows community

Mountain Shadows

Paradise Valley, AZ

  • Partner: The New Home Company
  • Project Location: Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Type: Single Family Residential
  • 66 luxurious homes on 10.5 acres in the prestigious Town of Paradise Valley.
  • Sold Out
Alameda Point building

Alemeda Point

Alemeda, CA

  • Partner: Trumark Homes
  • Project Location: Alameda, CA
  • Type: Townhomes
  • 124 townhomes on 5.3 acres within the Alameda Point Redevelopment.
  • Sold Out
Bristol development


Chino Hills, CA

  • Partner: Trumark Homes
  • Project Location: Chino Hills, CA
  • 149 single family residences in three distinct architectural products and 18,000 sq. ft. of retail on 27 acres.
  • Sold Out
Vida development

Fremont Corner

Sunnyvale, CA

  • Partner: The True Life Companies
  • Project Location: Sunnyvale,, CA
  • Type: Residiential
  • 85 Townhomes for Sale


Alameda Point development

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Partnership Focused

Institutional Capability

The ability to understand the story, recognize value, and creatively approach a deal is at Hillwood’s core. Hillwood West can execute when others cannot.

Alameda Point

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Partnership Focused

Institutional Capability

Strong partnerships are essential. Hillwood West looks to align itself with developers, builders, and landowners with future growth opportunities and long-term potential.

Meridian building


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Partnership Focused

Institutional Capability

Hillwood West is an alternative source of capital to the institutional marketplace. In addition to the ability to invest significant equity, it also leverages Hillwood’s deep industry relationships and capital markets expertise to support its projects.

Knox development